Coating the surface with Bullyliner, is like lining the surface with car tyres.



Bullyliner™ Rubber Coating provides and extremely non-slip, hard wearing surface coating, ideally suited to all marine applications. Bullyliner will protect boat decks, engine bays, steps and traffic areas from the corrosive effects of the marine environment. Bullyliner™ will protect boat Decks, Engine bays, Steps and traffic areas from the corrosive marine environment.

Bullyliner™ provides a fine to medium textured finish for comfort under foot, with the added safety of a non-slip surface. Bullyliner, applied to fibreglass, steel, wood or aluminium, will provide fantastic protection against dents, scratches and corrosion. Bullyliner applied to all Fiberglass, Steel, Wood & Aluminum provides a fantastic, dent, scratch & corrosion protection.

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